Alisha Garrett

Help me find a way find a way to make brain tumours go the way of the dinosaurs

Brain cancer research is on the tipping point. We can all be part of making important breakthroughs happen. My fundraising is something that I can do to support the science and in the meantime the patients. For all the people out there currently battling brain tumours and for those who couldn’t wait for research to progress any longer. I’m doing this because I know we can find a way to make brain tumours go the way of the dinosaurs.

Thank you to my Sponsors




Jake Lay


Kathy Roberts

I know you'll make it.


Jessica Harmer

You go girl! Smash it! xx


John Harmer

Go Al and make sure you're wearing your buoyancy vest for safety. Cheers


Robyn Garrett

Good Luck.


Tammy Garrett

Super proud of you! And I can’t wait to hear about the challenges during the day; and the reward of knowing you are doing something to raise money and awareness for such a wonderful cause.