Tessa Cockerill

I am rowing my heart out for brain cancer!

I will be participating in Connor's erg challenge with the UW-Madison Women's Lightweight Rowing team. We will each be completing 100,000 meters over 7 days at the end of February to raise money with the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation to support brain cancer research projects at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dana Farber in Boston, and more. I hope you will support me as I complete this challenge, and will consider donating to an incredible cause! 

My Updates

Monday Erg Meters

Wednesday 24th Feb
Thank you for the incredibly generous donations to this amazing cause! 

Day 1 (Monday) update:

Day 1 meters: 17,455
Total meters: 17,455 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nana And Poppy


Devon And Jim Thomas

You Got This!!!!


Jen And Rich Cockerill

On, Wisconsin!


Grammy & Grandpa

Good Luck, G&G