Shane Verner

Help me find a way find a way to make brain tumours go the way of the dinosaurs

Brain cancer research is on the tipping point. We can all be part of making important breakthroughs happen. My fundraising is something that I can do to support the science and in the meantime the patients. For all the people out there currently battling brain tumours and for those who couldn’t wait for research to progress any longer. I’m doing this because I know we can find a way to make brain tumours go the way of the dinosaurs.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jessica Wong


Raj Muthachari

Truly inspirational!


Rich Smith


Richard Brazenall

Well done mate. When you’re feeling a bit tired, just remember that Estelle is much better than you at this! Pump hard!


Duy Le

Work those long legs and long arms, Shane! You're an inspiration to us all!




Nick Crofts

For a great cause, but I'm glad its you and not me!


Steve Carroll

Good on you Shane. Just wish I could see you after 8 hours!


Kevin Akom

Great effort Shane.


Phil Hain

Guts and glory


Mark Evans

Keep going . Silver


Bill Osborne