Connor's Erg 2024

Hosted by the Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation, Connor's Erg is a rowing challenge to help raise funds and awareness for kids with brain cancer. We're inviting gyms, schools, rowing clubs and individuals to register, and set their own rowing challenge in February 2024.

Use your brawn for the brain to help fight paediatric brain cancer, the #1 disease killer of young people.

Registration is free, and now open!

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Your Chance to Win!

This year we have lots of awesome FUNdraising prizes up for grabs.


FUNdraise $100 or more and go in the draw to win a Garmin Fenix watch and 776BC unisuit.

*In the US and Australia


Gyms, schools, and rowing clubs who FUNdraise $1000 or more will go in the draw to win a Concept2 rowing machine for their gym/rowing club or school. 

*In the US and Australia

Connor's Erg LIVE on the Today Show

A big-hearted thank you to Alex Cullen for rowing his heart out for brain cancer live on the Today show! And an extra special thanks to his sponsors for making him row that little bit faster.


2024 Challengers



Funds raised in the US will support pediatric research projects at Lucille Packhard Children’s Hospital, University of Wisconsin, Dana Farber in Boston, and more. If your school is involved with Connors Erg and has pediatric brain cancer research projects we can work with you to direct funds you raise to your school’s projects.

Funds raised in Australia will go towards high impact research and development projects and music therapy.

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Rowing teams, gyms and individuals are encouraged to pick a suitable day and time during February 2023. The event is traditionally done in relay fashion from your own venue. However you can set your own challenge!
Thank you for helping us fight brain cancer, #1 disease killer of young people in the US & Australia.

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Spirited Connor

Connor was Wisconsin born (1994) but Australian raised (2000-2013). Apart from academics which he easily excelled at, his passion was rowing. He began rowing at 14 as a student at Brighton Grammar School in Melbourne Australia.

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