Thank you for rowing your heart out for brain cancer!

A big-hearted thank you to all of the 2021 Connor's Erg participants! Over $59,000 USD ($75,000+) was raised for childhood brain cancer research- the #1 cancer killer of young people.

We're incredibly grateful to all of the teams and individuals who used their brawn for brains. Funds raised will go to pediatric brain cancer projects in the US.

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Funds raised in the US will support pediatric research projects at Lucille Packhard Children’s Hospital, University of Wisconsin, Dana Farber in Boston, and more. If your school is involved with Connors Erg and has pediatric brain cancer research projects we can work with you to direct funds you raise to your school’s projects.

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*Funds raised in both the US & Australia

2020 Results

100km Erg challenge - MEN

Marist- 4:54:57- Winner, 2020 Connor’s Cup

Wisconsin- 5:00:42

Syracuse- 5:06:26.5

Colgate- 5:29:35.8


100km Erg Challenge - WOMEN 

Princeton Openweight- 5:52:25.6 Winner, 2020 Connor’s Cup

Wisconsin Openweight- 6:00:45

Colgate- 6:21:54


100km Erg Challenge - LIGHTWEIGHT WOMEN 

Princeton Lightweight-6:30:55- Winner, 2020 Connor’s Cup

Wisconsin Lightweight- Finished but unfortunate timing issues prevented accurate calculation          


Other Challenges

MIT (combined women and men)- 7 athletes did 60km on the erg + 140km on the bikes for a total of 130km 

Duke women - each athlete completed 100km on the erg over 10 days

UVA - combined women and men “cardio party”



Highest team total: Wisconsin: $10,891.00 

Highest per capita results: Colgate Women $4,526.00

Rowing teams are encouraged to pick a suitable day and time during February 8 - 14, 2021. The event is traditionally done in relay fashion from the college's own venue, however we understand the world has changed and this may not be possible for all schools and teams. So we encourage you to set your own challenge in 2021 and row your own way, any day. The one thing that hasn't changed is brain cancer is still the #1 cancer killer of young people in the US. Thank you for helping us change those odds

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2021 challengers

US Teams:

AUS Teams:

Spirited Connor

Connor was Wisconsin born (1994) but Australian raised (2000-2013). Apart from academics which he easily excelled at, his passion was rowing. He began rowing at 14 as a student at Brighton Grammar School in Melbourne Australia.

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