Got a question?

When is Connor’s Erg?
Traditionally Connor's Erg takes place during the week of Valentine's Day. This year teams and individuals can take part on any suitable day or time during the month of February. Or if February doesn't work, you can choose another month that suits.

Who can participate in Connor’s Erg Challenge?
Any high school, college, university, or club rowing team and its rowers including lightweight, heavyweight, men’s and women’s teams. Or anyone with access to a boat or rowing machine can also participate! 

I live outside the US, can I still still participate?
Absolutely! The challenge is open to anyone. You can register here

Is there a cost to participating?
No – Just a commitment to fundraising for pediatric brain cancer. And to sweeten the deal you'll receive a Connor's Erg singlet if you raise over $25!

Will this event be live streamed?
If you have a Facebook or Instagram that has those capabilities, then it would be great to live stream! It’s not required but would be fun to share in the excitement of the event and also a way to share more about Connor’s Erg Challenge and your program's involvement.

How do universities or teams communicate with Connor’s Erg regarding logistics and communicating fundraising efforts?
Any team participating will need a team representative; either an athlete or coach can fill this position. They will be in charge of communicating with Connor’s Erg staff and sharing information with the rest of the team and/or the coaching staff. 

How does the 100km relay work?
Men: Five Concept2 Ergs are used with ~20 rowers joining forces to complete the 100km any way they need, setting up each erg with 20km.
Women: Six Concept2 Ergs ~24 rowers. We are flexible with this structure and are open to variations if need be.

Does my team have to do the 100km challenge?
If you're unable to do a traditional relay, that's ok, you can row your own way - whether it's on an erg, or on the water, with your squad or on your own. It's important you follow your school and government health and safety guidelines.

We appreciate your participation and support in any form!

How does fundraising work?
Once you have committed to participating in Connor’s Erg Challenge (no matter the extent), you're ready to start fundraising! Participants can share the link for the event via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. And donations can be made via the fundraising page directly. To create a team page, at least one member needs to register as a fundraiser, and can create the team fundraising page from there.

We’d like to promote the event, do you have a media kit?

We certainly do! Follow this link here.

What is the Stomping Ground Challenge?
Teams are taking part in a 120 minute relay challenge, Sunday Feb 18. Learn more about the challenge at Morris Moore HERE

I'm in Australia, why is the currency showing as USD?
As Connor's Erg started off as a US FUNdraiser, taking place between top colleges, the Connor's Erg platform is defaulted to US currency. Now it has expanded to Australian schools, gyms and workplaces the default platform currency is still USD, however when you click through to your team or individual fundraising page it'll convert to AUD.

Where does the money go?
100% of all money raised in the US supports US pediatric brain cancer research. The Foundation will work with each university to determine if we can support its own research as is done with Stanford and Wisconsin. All additional funds will go to the Pediatric Neuro Oncology Consortium (PNOC), the Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network (CERN) and the Center for Pediatric Tissue. Funds raised in Australia will go towards high impact research, care, and development projects, including the newly announced Brain Cancer Vaccine Project at The University of Queensland.

Why support pediatric brain cancer research?
Pediatric brain cancer is the number one cancer killer of young people in the U.S. and Australia. Current clinical treatments only help 50 per cent of children but leave 90 per cent with lifelong physical and mental impairments. Research is on the verge of exciting breakthroughs but falls short of the funding required. You can make the difference!

If I have another question, who do I contact?
We can help answer any other questions, no matter how small. Please feel free to ask!

How do I get a Connor's Erg tank?
If you fundraise $25 or more you'll receive a Connor's Erg athletic singlet! That's why we ask for your shirt size when you register.